Thursday, January 14, 2016

Here are some character ideas ready for consideration.


  1. Awesome! You rock.
    I just noticed that you drew pink glasses too. :D Yay for colored glasses.
    I like the no eyes on coach dog.

  2. These are looking great.
    Coach Dog: I always love pugs, but they don't look intimidating enough. Can we work in a pug as a student somewhere? For the coach, I like the one in the top with the blue square behind his head and the pointy ears. Lets go in that direction, but add some kind of athletic shirt and a muscly (is that a word?) physique.

    Cat Scientist: Yeah, I think female is great for this one. I love the pink one with the goggles. Maybe she can raise her goggles in surprise when she watches Liz do her experiments.

    Moose: I like the simplicity of the one on the right. Since he'll be the band teacher, could you make him dressed like he's in some jazz combo from the 60's? Suit and skinny tie? Or maybe a wide, short tie? Doesn't have to be a moose, either, if there is a better animal for that look.
    Owl: I like the owl on the lower right.
    Giraffe: Try something less detailed, a little bit more primitive like a kid would have drawn it. I think we'll need to avoid the hair on the neck, it will get distorted when animating. I like the glasses.

    1. I will polish the ones you mentioned. By the way if "muscly" is not a word it should be.